Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The beginning of a journey

   In 2007, my wife Carol saw an article about a famous bag designer that produced a canvas bag for the public. It had rope handles and printed on it's side was the statement: "I am not a plastic bag!"
It was very clever, sort of like a Magritte painting. The canvas bag exclaims what it's not, that is not plastic. Stop using plastic bags. It was a sensation, people rushed to the stores and it sold out in hours. But, the designer didn't continue the line. It was just a one time event.
   What was needed was a company that made canvas bags that people would rush(?) out to buy to use in place of plastic bags. The seed idea was planted. Make attractive canvas bags and sell them for a reasonable price and people will buy them and stop using plastic bags. How to make them attractive? We've all seen people walking around with typical canvas bags with some company logo on it, that the person just received from a meeting or convention. In other words a promo gift. But, the people use them because it's a large canvas tote bag, ugly or not. What if the bag had beautiful art placed edge to edge on both sides of the bag. What if a zippered pocket was added for your purse and keys, and a magnetic snap to close the bag. What if it was made with heavy 12 oz. canvas, so that you could load the bag without fear of it breaking. This was the start of our classic canvas tote bags.
   The new company needed a name. It had to be catchy and memorable. It had to state our purpose. A list was made. Names were added and crossed out. Many words later, it got to point that I would talk to my wife as I was driving and just suggest names to get a reaction. I dropped Ecolicious on her (you know the combination of ecology and delicious) expecting her to laugh. She did, but it was a good kind of laugh. She said it was funny, but cute and easy to remember. She liked it. So, it is...Ecolicious® is born.


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