Monday, February 15, 2016

Hand Drawn

Hand drawn versus computer is not an either or proposition. I like drawing and painting, plain and simple. Nothing compares to the direct tactile feeling of a pencil or pen sliding on the surface of a  paper. Or the feel of a paint brush as I place a delicate wash of watercolor or the the pull of the oil paint on a stretched canvas. It is very different from working on an artwork in the computer using a mouse or pen tool. The computer has many more advantages than the hand drawn art. Especially concerning commercial uses such as art made for reproduction. That being said all the art for Ecolicious, Flying Koi and Anarki starts out as a hand drawing. The artwork shown is "Trio" for Anarki. It shows a battle between an eagle, snake and dragon. On the left is the final pencil drawing on a tracing paper. It is then transferred to a graphic paper on the right and finished off using micron pens. This art could be accomplished in the computer using illustrator, but it would be missing something. There is a certain quality to a hand drawn artwork that computer artworks lack. Itʻs that it does look like computer created art. Because the computer is so skilled at creating art, a lot of the art starts to look the same. Same fonts, similar line quality and an artificial perfectness. I do use the computer in the process to make the art for reproduction. Scanning, cleaning, redrawing, separating and adding fonts are some of the many things I do in the computer. It is a marvelous tool, but it canʻt replace the direct response that a drawing or painting gives me. I am sure given time with the new technology, the direct to computer drawing and painting tools and programs are getting closer. But, it will always be lacking one thing. The original is in the computer. It is either a vector based or pixel based artwork, that is a collection of codes and numbers. With hand drawn there is an actual original, whether itʻs a pencil tracing, pen drawing, watercolor or oil painting. I know nature will take itʻs course and age the paper, making it yellow and the paint will become brittle and fade. But computer art is not forever either, new technology will eventually make todayʻs files obsolete. So Iʻll keep doing my hand drawn and hand painted artwork for the most important reason. It is because I enjoy the process. And this the way we rock it at Ecolicious.


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